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PACQT ISO Quality Policy                                                     pacqt iso

The Plan of  Continous Improvment and Total Quality : PACQT ISO what is it ?

Our management system is supported by a plan of continuous improvment and total quality PACQT ISO which is certified according to the ISO9001 V2008 AND ISO14001 V2004 norms.

This one, established the rules of good functioning and give a direction to our improvment’s actions in order to raise the goals of the firm.

Worried of the innovating requirements of our customers, legal and regulatory and with the will of prevention of the pollution and to protect the health and safety of all the members of the company, we defined a policy of quality, safety and environment declined in 5 strategic axis :

1.    Increase the turnover of our products, without neglecting the industry turnover
2.    Increase the profitability of the company
3.    Adapt the production’s meanings to the defined strategy
4.    Find solutions in order to increase the satisfaction of the customers and partners of the company and integrate this one to her environment
5.    Involve the staff in the PACQT ISO approach

The consideration of the environment and the safety intervenes in the entire strategic axis in order to integrate the company in her natural and urban environment in the respect of the safety and the healt of the co-workers.


-    Be in a permanent intelligence relating to the environmental legislation
-    Respect the sorting and the appreciation of the wastes
-    Manage the chimical products
-    Control our rejections in the air and water
-    Know our energy expenditure
-    Maintain the development of the products intended to the integrated farm management


-    Welcome and train the staff
-    Respect the individual and collective protections
-    Establish and make apply the safety forms
-    Manage the exterior participants
-    Manage the emergency situations

The co-workers are consulted and encouraged to participate actively at all the elements of the management system thanks to the CHSCT, QSE commission and requests of amelioration.

In order to operate effectively our strategic axis, we commit ourselves in :

- Operate a management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms
- Insure the availability of the necessary resources to raise to the defined objectives
- Evaluate the efficiency of the management system integrated by biannual managers’meetings

This approach of continuous amelioration leans on values, as : tolerance, respect and solidarity for each blooming.

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