Meadow regenerator

PRAIRIAL is a mounted 3-point tool for the regeneration of meadows with the combined actions of scarification, molehill levelling, scattering manure with a harrow and eliminating moss with a harrow. PRAIRIAL has an original design enabling great stability when working at speeds up to 12 km/h.
PRAIRIAL can be combined with SEMLOC for total or partial replanting of the meadow. Available as 2.50 m, 3 m fixed and 4.50 m or 6 m folding.


The Chassis

- 3-point linkage with anti-rotation pins, Category No. 2/3, entirely mechanically welded
to prevent play.
- Tubular frame, 100 x 8 mm, 120 x 60 x 8 and 200 x 100 x 5 mm, designed to resist
the heavy stresses required for use on pastures.
- 4 tubular bars, 70 x 5, with high elastic limit.
- Folding articulations collared for better rigidity.
- Polyamide collars and slides to avoid steel/steel contact for the moving parts.



- Oscillation of extensions on folding models to adapt to differences in level on the terrain.
- Hydraulic locking valve in the work and transport positions for maximum safety.
- Folding at 2.50 m for greater comfort and safety during transport.
- Easy adjustment of depth control wheels by screw handle with graduated rule.
- Stands for storing the machine in the folded position.
- Signalling included on the folding model.


The Cutters


Steel and boron reversible


Non-reversible carbide cutter for abrasive soils


Double cutter to increase scarification density


Working Parts

- On the front on 2 bars, cutters on a leaf spring with a pitch of 200 or 250 mm for scarification.
- Adjustment of the aggression of the cutters by push bar with screws.
- Notched levelling blades giving maximum aggression for levelling molehills and spreading manure with the harrow.
- Assembly of levelling blades and cutters on flat leaf spring 80 x 12 to support important stresses and in staggered rows to improve the evacuation of stones and debris.
- At the rear, 2 rows of curry combs Ø 8 mounted on square tubes with adjustable aggression to remove moss and pull out dead plants.
- Adjustment of the comb depth by sector pins making it possible also to work in the floating position.
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SEMLOC Equipment

- Planting the crop by broadcast sowing (surface) for meadow regeneration
- 200 or 400 litre hopper with grooved distributor allowing an application rate of 8 to 100 kg/ha either driven by DPA wheel or by radar which allows to adapt the dose of seed according to the soil, from the tractor cabin
- Blower driven by 1 or 2 electric motors or hydraulic blower
  depending on application width
- Access ramp includes














Safety :

- Hydraulic safety on the cylinders of folding models
- 3 stands with automatic locking
- Transport width of 2.50 m on folding models
- Access ramp to the SEMLOC seed drill
- Signalling and lighting included on folding models
- Mechanical locking of extensions

Durability :

- 3-point pin Nos. 2/3 mounted on a steel plate 20 mm thick
- Solid compact frame entirely welded, including the coupling, to prevent play
- Polyamide collars and slides to prevent steel/steel contact for the mobile parts
- Mounting cutters and levelling blades on 80 x 12 flat spring tines makes it possible to bear significant stresses
- Optional mounting of carbide cutter

Efficiency :

- High site rate with high operating speeds
- Oscillation of extensions on folding models to adapt to differences in level on the terrain
- Choice of pitch between cutters of 200 or 250 mm
- Serrated levelling blade for maximum aggression and angle of inclination making perfect operational stability possible.
Arrangement in staggered rows to improve evacuation of stones
- Combination with SARCLERSE curry comb harrow by adding rear lifting. In this case the comb harrow is removed
- Adjustment of aggression of combs at the rear
- Cutter support tube mounted to pivot in order to vary the aggression

Comfort :

- Adjustment of cutter depth by push bar with screws
- Adjustment of wheel depth by a screw handle system with rule
- Adjustment of the harrow depth by sector pin
- Reversible cutters with significant wear range

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Requires little power in relation to the working width, which reduces fuel consumption
- Does not require the use of chemicals
- Scarification encourages water penetration and prevents hydromorphy
- Reduces soil erosion by increasing service life of meadows
- Preserves the organic composition of the soil by action on the surface and at a maximum depth of 5 cm, and also by longer conservation of meadows
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