Weeding harrow

SARCLERSE is a ride-on 3-point tool used any crop whether in rows or not.  Mainly used on maize and cereals, SARCLERSE can also be used for pasture maintenance.
With an operating speed capable of reaching 15 km/h, SARCLERSE destroys most weed banks while doing little damage to crops.
SARCLERSE also contributes to soil aeration and removing the crust of surface sealed soil.
Available as 1.50m, 3 and 4.50 m fixed models and folding models up to 12 m.
The power required is from 8 to 10 hp per metre.


Châssis Mounted

- Frame on a 100 x 5 mm and 100 x 8 mm tubular base, designed to resist the high stresses demanded by use on pastures.
- 3-point linkage with anti-rotation pins, Category No. 2/3, entirely mechanically welded to avoid play.
- Folding articulation, collared and very wide for better rigidity.
- Hydraulic locking valve in the work and transport positions for maximum safety.
- Folding at 3 m for greater comfort and safety during transport.
- Easy adjustment of depth control wheels by screw handle with graduated rule.
- Possibility of independent folding of extensions (on request).
- Signalling as an option.

sarclerse portée


- Tubular triangulation of the primary extension for a good rigidity
- Anti-rotation pin coupling, category 2 and 3 anti-rotation
- 2m70 folding for greater comfort and ease of transport
- Easy adjustment of the 4 depth control wheels by screw handle with graduated rule
- Transport axle way adjustable from 1700 to 2250 mm
- Mechanical locking with hydraulic control of the transport extensions
- The control box located inside the tractor cab allows to control all the hydraulic functions of the tool   
- A unique tractor double effect distributor is necessary
- Automatic unfolding/ folding system from the tractor cab with a permanent action control box: the movement is  sequenced and stops as soon as the operator releases the control
- Automatic sequence of combs raising in order to make a U-Turn at the end of fields
- A constant combs pressure on the overall tool width thanks to the hydraulic system with a carrying forward load allows to compensate the irregularities of the land

sarclerse semi portée

Support and Combs

- The 1.50 mm elements mounted on a pivot are floating so that the tines mould perfectly to the different levels of the terrain.
- A connecting rod system linking the elements to each other makes it possible for the exterior elements to be inclined in the transport position.
The tines are therefore turned inwards to prevent accidents and reduce the space taken up.
- Tine angle of attack in relation to the soil (5 positions) is manoeuvred by a single handle which adjusts all the tines of the element, thus making the speed of execution very fast.
- Double compact tines Ø 7 mm or Ø 7 and 8 mm long tines attached by clip pins for fast adaptation to the various crop types.
- High tine density (25 mm between each passage of tines) for efficient weeding.


  Fixed Double Beam Folding
Width 3m 4m50 4m50 6m 7m50 9m 9m 12m
Height folded - - 1m45 2m20 2m95 3m70 2m50 3m25
Number of elements 2 3 3 4 5 6 6 8
Number of tines 60 90 90 120 150 180 180 240
Number of wheels 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4
Weight 292 kg 389 kg 484 kg 585 kg 731 kg 877 kg 1077 kg 1270 kg
Power 25 CV 35 CV 35 CV 50 CV 60 CV 70 CV 70 CV 80 CV



Semloc Equipment

- Crop planting by broadcast sowing (surface) for the regeneration of pastures
- 200 litre hopper with grooved distributor driven by DPA wheel allowing an application rate of 8 to 100 kg/ha.
- Blower driven by 2 electric motors or hydraulic blower
depending on the application width.

Levelling blade Equipment

- Independent notched blades, mounted on 20 mm square spring tines,
for rigidity and maximum aggression on the surface.
- Attached directly to the SARCLERSE chassis.






PAIR OF ADDITIONAL WHEELS ON 3 M, 4.50 M, 6 M, 7.50 M, 9 M and 12 M






UNIT COUNTER ON WHEEL16 x 6.5-8 or 18x8,5-8







Safety :

- When the elements are folded, the tines are directed towards the interior of the machine
- The folding cylinders are fitted with locking vavles
- Stand with automatic locking

Durability :

- Nos 2/3 coupling with 3 point anti-rotation pin on steel yokes, thickness 20 mm
- Mouting the levelling blades on 20mm spring tines makes it possible to bear significant stresses
- Collared folding joint, very wide for improved rigidity
- Pivoting shaft of the elements mounted without welding or turning increase resistance

Efficiency :

- Extension adjustment stop to level the entire machine
- Compact 430 mm tines or more flexible tines with a total length of 530 mm with double coil
- Very dense tine passage (25 mm)
- Due to the central pivot, the elements follow the variations of the terrain
- Oscillation of the extensions, starting from 9 m, to adapt to differences in level on the terrain
- For pastures: serrated levelling blade for maximum aggression and angle of inclination making perfect operational stability possible

Comfort :

- Depth control wheels adjusted by cranks with graduated rule
- 5 rapid tine angle adjustments without a tool
- Rapid tine changes without tools by simple pin clips. Double tines = number divided by 2
- Levelling blade mounted with needle screw system plus rule for fast and accurate height adjustment

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Requires little power for large working widths
- Reduces water requirements by its action, which avoids hydromorphy on the pasture
- Contributes to reducing soil erosion by breaking the surface sealing crust, which encourages water penetration
- Preserves the organic composition of the soil by working on the surface at a depth of approximately 2 cm
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