NEOLAB is intended to replace the plough and to decompact with a V-mounted or in-line chassis and a clearance under the frame of 800 mm.
NEOLAB works the soil without turning with "Michel" tines, bolt or non-stop hydraulic safety devices, up to 0.50 m.
The working widths vary from 2.50 to 4 m. NEOLAB can be fitted with corrugated double disc rollers, notched disc rollers or square bar rollers.
NEOLAB ECO can also be combined with a harrow or a seed drill.

Néolab Eco
- Tubular frame, 180 x 10 mm in-line
- Clearance under frame 900 mm
- 3-point anti-rotation pin linkage between yokes No. 2/3
- "Michel" patented tines, safety bolt or non-stop hydraulic
- Pitch between tines: NE model: 500 mm (745 at the centre) et HE model: 525 mm (644 at the centre)
- Interchangeable points and ploughshares (carbide optional)
- Pair of stands
- Power required per tine: 20 HP
- The run for the power take-off makes it possible to couple to it motorised tools or non-motorised tools, in combination with a seed drill
- Signalling as an option
WIDTH 3m 3M 3M 4M 4M
Number of tines 4 6 4 et 6 8 6 et 8



"MICHEL" tine with pre-sheared safety bolt to release the tine if the stress
is too high.


"MICHEL" NSH blade, non-stop hydraulic fitted, allowing the blade to retract before the obstacle and move back into position automatically.









Rear Equipments


- 8 square bar, 25 mm, roller, Ø 445.


- Corrugated disc double roller Ø 510, 125 mm pitch.


- Notched disc roller Ø 620, 225 mm pitch.

rouleau disque alvéolé

- Honeycombed disc Ø600 pitch
230 mm









3-point linkage for corrugated disc
double roller Ø 510


Corrugated disc double roller Ø 510 with 3 m or 4 m chassis


Unit counter on corrugated disc
double roller Ø 510


Pair of depth control wheels 10-ply tyres Ø 550 X 175


Clod fender for corrugated
disc double roller
Ø 510 (2.50 m x 11 - 3 m x 12 - 4 m x 16)


Pushed linkage with pair of
swivel wheels


pair of lateral deflectors, NEOLAB ECO


3-point mechanical rear
linkage, spacing
No. 2/3 and ball joint No. 2 or 3 for NÉOLAB ÉCO


3-point hydraulic rear
linkage, spacing
No. 2/3 and ball joint No. 2 or 3 for NÉOLAB ÉCO


Safety :

- Shearing of a bolt if force on the tine too high
- Pin adjustment for the tine clearance
- On NSH model: the NSH system allows the tine to retract before the obstacle and resume its position automatically by means of a hydraulic cylinder

Durability :

- Solid frame, entirely welded, including the coupling  and the tine holders; no risk of play
- 3-point anti-rotation pin Nos. 2/3
- Coupling yoke thickness 20 mm

Efficiency :

- Uniform work over the full width of the tool without turning and almost without movement
- Avoids the plough pan
- Breaks up the soil, promotes drainage:  improved rooting of the plants
- Maintains organic matter on the surface
- equires little power because of the vibrations obtained from the original shape of the blades

Comfort :

- Bolts are pre-sheared; they are sheared cleanly and are easy to change
- 2 spare bolts supplied with the equipment
- Adjustment of rollers by pins on multiple position sector: simplicity and speed of adjustment
- Conversion of the 3m chassis to 4 m possible
- On NSH model the dynamics of the NSH tine make it possible to retain a minimum frame overhang in combination

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Enables the organic composition of the soil to be preserved by an action without destructuring
- Reduced surface area, which inhibits water run-off  and the action of the wind
- Cracking promotes water penetration into the soil, thus limiting erosion
solidite1 solidite2 confort


Reserved space