CULTI 4000

Cultivator - stubble plough

ONATAR is a semi-mounted tool for restarting ploughing and stubble breaking. The ploughing depth can be adjusted from 5 to 30 cm at 8 Km/h.
With a choice of 5 tine models possible with a pitch of 275 on 4 beams, ONATAR provides an optimum flow of soil, even when there are significant residues.
There are seven types of adaptable standard rear equipment.
ONATAR comes in 6, 7 and 8 metre versions which can be folded hydraulically to 3 m for transport.
The power required is from 5 to 15 hp per tine.

- Main beam 180 x 100 x 10.
- Articulated beam 120 x 80 x 8.
- Frame, 4 tine-holder beams, centre distance 800mm, 100 x 8 mm tube.
- Linkage on lift arm with anti-rotation pins No. 3/4 between yokes, spacing No. 3/4.
- Automatic hydraulic-mechanical locking and unlocking of extensions for work.
- Automatic hydraulic-mechanical locking and unlocking of extensions for transport.
- Axle system 22.5" - 16-ply, pressure 2.8 bars, semi-mounted, track 1800.
- Folding with double driven cylinders.
- Pair of depth control wheels 10.75 x 15/10 Ø 760 on front beam.
- Stands incorporated into the chassis.
- Signalling included.
PITCH 275 275 275
Number of tines 21 25 29

The tines


Non-stop mechanical tine with spring.
Clearance 800 mm.


Square tine 40 double coil springs.
Clearance 750 mm.


Square tine 35 double coil springs.
Clearance 720 mm.


Single blade Chisel tine 55 x 25.
Clearance 670 mm.


Double blade Chisel tine 55 x 25 + 20.
Clearance 690 mm




The ploughshares


Reversible ploughshare 75 x 13 x 345.
Can be adapted to square tine 35, square tine 40.


Reversible ploughshare 140 x 14 x 500.
Can be adapted on square tine 35, square tine 40;
Chisel single blade and Chisel double blade.


Reversible ploughshare 55 x 15 x 400.
Can be adapted to single blade and double blade Chisel tines.


 Triangular ploughshare 350 x 8.
Can be adapted to square tine 35,square tine 40.


Fast replacement ploughshare possible.



- A wide selection of rear equipment
- Adjustment of equipment by multiple position sector pins.
- Self-aligning, lifetime greased bearings on the rollers.

Rear Equipments


- Notched disc double roller Ø 510 in V or in X.


-  Single notched disc roller Ø 510
in V or in X + 8 square bar roller 25 mm, Ø 445.


- 8 square bar, 25 mm, roller, Ø 445.


-  Comb harrow Ø 16 on 2 bars. Working length 500 mm.


Retractable comb harrow, Ø 16 on 1 bar + 8 square bar, 25 mm, roller, Ø 445.


- Corrugated disc double roller Ø 510, pitch 125.


- Bipenta roller, double rotor Ø 400 with Ø 25 tines.

rouleau disque alvéolé

- Honeycombed disc Ø 600 pitch 150

rouleau disque alveolé + peigne

- Honeycombed disc Ø 600 pitch 150 + combs Ø16




SEMLOC equipment

- Crop planting by broadcast sowing (surface).
- Pneumatic distribution.
- Centralised flow rate provided by DPA wheel.
- Variable orifice regulator from 8 to 100 kg/ha.
- 400 litre capacity.
- Blower driven by x1 or x2 electric motor or
hydraulic blower depending on application width.




Pair of lateral parallelogram deflectors with safety spring



Disc scraper for corrugated disc double roller Ø 510 (6 m x 24 - 7 m x 28 - 8 m x 32)




Safety :

- Locking and unlocking of extensions for transport and work
- 3 m transport width and signalling in accordance with regulations in force
- Extension with driven double cylinder to avoid any risk of falls
- Access ramp on SEMLOC
- Wheel chock

Durability :

- Main beam 180 x 100 x 10 and articulated beam 120 x 80 x 8
- Tine holder beam Ø100 x 8
- Coupling bar with anti-rotation coupling pin
- Chassis and extension entirely mechanically welded to prevent play

Efficiency :

- Pair of depth control wheels on the extensions to control the depth of ploughing
- 4 beams to encourage the flow of soil when there is plant debris
- Choice of 7 types of equipment to adapt to soil types and requirements

Comfort :

- Adjustment of equipment by pins on multiple position sector
- Stand incorporated into the chassis for easy parking without getting off the tractor
- Self-aligning bearings with lifetime lubrication on rollers and wheels
- Locking of extensions without having to get off the tractor

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Slight facilitation of penetration of water on the surface
- Reduces erosion by preserving the clumps of soil on the surface, which slows water run-off and the action of the wind
- When equipped with SEMLOC, it makes it possible to produce plant cover reducing erosion, to prevent surface sealing of soil, to increase the organic matter in the soil and to retain the fertilising elements on the surface
Confort-1 Confort-2 Efficacite


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