Front spiral rollers

TASSASPIRE, TASSADISQUE are tools installed on the front of the tractor in order to produce uniform compacting over the entire working width.
TASSASPIRE produces compacting of average depth and makes it possible to level and refine the surface.
TASSADISQUE produces deeper compacting. The surface soil is decompacted and retains clumps of soil.


The Chassis

- 3-point linkage with semi-automatic bar No. 2 on 4 anchor points.
- Entirely mechanically welded 100 x 8 mm square tube frame, fixed or folding, self-steering or not.
- Coil spring Ø 580, square 40 to 45° with 125 mm pitch, mounted on self-aligning anti-friction bearings, shaft Ø 60.
- Adjustable disc scraper bar included.
- Signalling as an option.
  Fixed Folding
Non directionnal Self steering Self steering
Width 1m50 1m50 3m 3m50 4m  central section 1m50  central section 2m50
Nb of working parts 1 1 2 2 2 4m 4m50 4m80 5m 6m
Nb of discs 10 10 20 20 26 24 28 30 32  


The equipments


- Equipment with straight tines 32 x 12 or 45 x 12 on 3 bars.









Safety :

- Automatic mechanical safety device for the extensions in the transport position

Durability :

- Very solid frame capable of supporting 2 pairs of wheels by fixed or hydraulically folding extensions
- Wheel hubs with 5 pins on tapered roller bearings. Pivot shaft Ø 60. Axle    60
- 3-point anti-rotation pin Nos. 2/3 on steel plates, thickness 20 mm

Efficiency :

- Precise driving with hydraulic steering system
- With the self-steering system, the front wheels of the tractor must maintain sufficient adhesion for driving
- Adjustable wheel scrapers included

Comfort :

- The polyamide joints do not need lubrication
- Very important: the hydraulic steering system is designed to be easily recentred in the event of accidental misalignment
- Front tool depth control by screw handle

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Roller tool using little power
- Enables soil humidity to be maintained
- Contributes to erosion reduction because of the even compaction generated
- Has no impact on the organic composition of the soil


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