Know How


CARRE SAS concepts and makes a complete range of agricultural machineries, distributed in 5 lines :

picto préparation sol profond Deep soil Preparation : subsoiler, cultivator


picto préparation sol surface Surface Soil Preparation : Tines assistant for sower and Danish Cultivator


picto semis fertilisation Sowing-Fertilising : simplified sowing, applicator and localised fertilizer


picto rouleaux Front Compacting Rollers: Front spiral rollers, front tyred rollers or front rollers with cast iron disc


picto semis fertilisation Crops maintenance : hoeing, weeding harrow, meadow regeneration .


CARRE SAS values its know how by developping an activity of industry in mechanical weeding.

Our Customers :

Agricultural materials :

Farmers, breeders, contractors, thanks to about 500 retailers dealers, distributed everywhere in France in 6 sectors. 7.5% of sales are realised abroad.


Industry : 

Above all big manufacturers of public works machines, agricultural or handling : MANITOU, LIEBHERR, TOYOTA...

CARRÉ strong points:

Safety :

Coupling pins, the main adjustment pins, and the locking pins are attached to the machine with a chain. No risk of losing them.
The semi–automatic coupling often offered allows you to couple in a completely safe manner. 

The folding cylinders are made with a catch valve.


Solidity :

The construction of our equipment is strong and well–designed. Parts are increasingly manufactured using modern oxygen and laser cutting techniques to obtain shapes which are perfectly adapted to requirements.

Our equipment for manufacturing, output, bending, shaping, punching, welding, finishing with polyurethane lacquer after cleaning, phospating, and applying primers is always designed to build stronger and more attractive machinery.


Efficiency :

Design, in relation to our “Pilot Customers”, is driven by an effort to become increasingly efficient by optimising work, performance and costs.


Comfort :

The widespread race to improve comfort is also happening in agriculture. We are constantly seeking to ways to make our machines easier to use: settings, locking mechanisms, folding.  Maintenance requirements are always minimized. The use of self–lubricating polyamide rings, bearings greased for life, etc. simplifies maintenance.


Quality :

ISO 9001–2000 certified in the framework of an ongoing improvement planned called PACQT ISO, we are currently working towards ISO 14001 certification, related to environmental standards.



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