OCTOPUS is a front hopper mounted 3 pts to bring solid fertilizer.
The blower is hydraulically driven. The metering unit is electrically driven & its drill calibration is adapted to the speed managed by a radar.
Its conception in stainless steel allows to resist to the aggressivity of every fertilizers. Its polyvalent metering unit allows a variable flow from 450 kg at 10 km/h.
- Front 3 points coupling cat n°2
- Blue frame CARRE
- Dimensions : L1,48m x l2,10m x H 1,63m . Total weight = 650kg
- Folding Front Step footrest with guardrail
- Front lights with codes, indicators and signalling panels, LED work lights
- JERRICAN load carrier integrated on the frame; until 800 kg ( non included)
- Retractable rear-view mirror available


- 1400 L or 1800 L stainless steel INOX front hopper
- Easy filling : Easy opening tarpaulin with rewinder and front folding step
- Full emptying shut-off trapdoor
- Rotary agitator
- Integrated road lights
- Integrated Jerrican weight carrier
- Rapid rear emptiyng, reclosable full hopper
- Filtering sieve
Clear and intuitive console in tractor's cab to follow or manage :
- The checking of the metering unit's rotation, the forward speed, the turbofan regime
- The total and partial working area
- Alarm of empty hopper
- Pre-start function


- Until 450 kg/ha at 10 km/h
- Management of the forward by radar of the electric metering unit
- Easy adjustment
- Built in stainless steel
- Universal metering unit for all type of solid fertilizer
- Central volumetric metering unit with handle adjustment
- Metering unit isolation trapdoor
- Improved drill calibration, with swingning flap to recover the product with weighting bag and electronic load cell (40kg)
- Large opening of the metering unit for an easy and total cleaning
         doseur1 doseur2



- 1 single acting hydraulic turbofan (50l/min)
- Transport by centralised air turbofan
- Free wheel security on blowing
For hoe (6;8 & 12 rows)
Distribution head with column Ø 130, down pipes Ø 40, cyclon, nozzles Ø 40 and decompression pipes Ø 50
For strip till (4;6 8 & 12 rows)
Distribution head with column Ø 130, down pipes Ø 40, cyclon, nozzles Ø 40 & decompression pipe Ø 50 and injectors in height adjustable



Reserved space