5 prototypes of PENTASEM with the new ADS distribution system and electric drive are on sale with an exceptional price !
5 prototypes of PENTASEM with the new ADS distribution system and electric drive are on sale with an exceptional price !


• Solid, mechanically welded frame made from 100 × 8 mm tube front and rear and cross-member in flat 100×10 tube
• 3-point coupling between No. 3 yoke – Pin No. 3/2 compatible with high power tractors
• 50 × 15 steel tine holder bar and centre distance 350 mm between bars. Tine flange, thickness 8 mm
• Hydraulic folding to 3 metres - by 2 double effect cylinders, with hydraulic and mechanical safety
• Hydraulic furrow openers with discs for horizontal folding and hydraulic safety locking
• Adjustment of the seed depth by fixed pneumatic depth control wheels, Ø 584 × 236 on central part
• Oscillation system on the extensions to match the ground contour



• Centralised hopper, mounted on 4 damper studs, with a capacity of 1,700 l on all models (over 1,200 kg load capacity).
• Distribution head ideally located outside the seed drill
• Covered wide opening with high-speed opening and closing system for easy filling and cleaning
• Powerful blower with extra-wide turbine (6 inches), providing an ultra- high volume of air.
• Hydraulically-driven turbine for comfortable manoeuvre management
• Filling height to 2.50 m with 4-step footrest and guardrail
• Easy to access and ergonomically designed with quick flow test wit- hout any need for dismantling:
• Quick and complete emptying of the hopper
• Filtering sleeve


• Centralised flow through grooves piloted by on- board radar, giving increased accuracy
• Universal dispenser: for drilling every seed without changing the groove!
• The new universal dispenser offers record performance: unrivalled dosing range, from 1 kg/ha (little seeds) up to 450 kg/ha (large seeds) at 8 km/h and up to 330 kg/ha (wheat) at 12 km/h
• Easier flow rate adjustment and manoeuvres with the electrically-driven dispenser and «intelligent» in-cab console
• Active turbulence design: «excellent» distribution accuracy between rows
• The ADS system’s long, corrugated supply column guarantees a perfect, consistent mixture of air and seeds; the internal section of the head features a unique architecture, with no rebound areas, ensuring that the seeds flow smoothly and quickly. Reliable anti-clogging design guaranteed to work under all conditions, even on slopes and banking
• Easy row marking and row closing system (every other row, 2 out of 3 rows, etc.) with individual valves integrated into the distribution head. These valves even make it possible to change the row marker track if necessary.
• As well as the standard functions, the console also offers the following features:
- Half-drill shut off from the cab with proportional flow rate reduction
- Function «end of fields» for clear pound : elimination of lacks at the beginning of the run (auto- matic) or in case of stopped departure (manual)
- During row marking runs, automatic reduction of the drilling flow rate (saving seed), in proportion to the number of rows marked
- Fully simplified flow test (a single test without no crank handle; 10 kg load cell supplied; automatic adjustment of dosage/ha after recorded weight entered in the console)
- Emptying of the dispenser by activation electric motor starter button located at the rear of the hopper.

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