Rotary Hoe

ROTANET is a non-selective crust removing and weeding tool which works on and between rows of crops such as maize, wheat, barley, beet, etc.
With an operating speed of 15km/h, ROTANET provides a high site rate for crust removing, soil aeration and lifting young weeds.
There are 3 m fixed models and folding models up to 10 m.


1. Fixed or folding double beam

- Main beam in square tube, 140 x 8 mm, for better rigidity.
- Square secondary beam, 120 x 5 mm, fixed to the main beam by detachable flange.
- 3-point welded linkage Categories No. 2-3, compatible with the highest powered tractors without risk of play.
- 2.90 m hydraulic folding as standard.
- Pair of depth control wheels, 10-ply tyres Ø 550 x 175.
- Signalling as an option

2. GL double beam

- Up to 10 m, central chassis in 140 x 8 mm tube for better rigidity.
- Wheel support beam in 120 x 5 mm square tube fixed to the main beam.
- 3-point welded linkage Category No. 3, compatible with the highest powered tractors without risk of play.
- Sequential hydraulic folding to 3 m for greater ease of transport.
- Signalling as an option


  Fixed double beam Folding double beam GL double beam
Width 3m 3m50 4m50 5m 6m 7m 8m 9m 10m
Number of wheels 34 40 50 56 68 78 90 100 112
Weight 535 KG 625 KG 1158 KG 1216 KG 1325 KG 1445 KG 2105 KG 2325 KG 2545 KG
Power 45 CV 50 CV 70 CV 75 CV 90 CV 100 CV 120 CV 135 CV 150 CV


The wheel

roue1 roue2


- YETTER wheels in tempered steel mounted on an independent 20 mm square section arm.
- The Ø 540 mm wheel is made up of 16 scoops, 2 cm wide, making it possible to break up the surface crust and to eject the young weeds.
- Each arm is spring-mounted to absorb any irregularities in the terrain.
- Unlike bogey mounting, independent mounting of the wheels makes it possible to avoid blockages and to have a uniform stress on each wheel.
- Pitch between wheels 87 mm for maximum crust removal.
- 2 types of pressure spring: standard or high for hard soils.









The Options










Safety :

- Hydraulic safety on the cylinder to prevent any risk of the extensions falling
- Anti-spatter grid to protect the cab from possible projections
- Pair of stands with automatic locking

Durability :

- Beam 120× 5 mm and 140 × 8 mm on folding versions
- Solid moulded wheel arm
- Adapted and reinforced chassis for widths > 7 m
- Re-use of the standard ÉCONET chassis

Efficiency :

- Opportunity to increase wheel pressure with an extra spring (optional)
- Pair of control wheels
- Tempered 16-scoop wheel, mounted on independent arm
- Pitch between wheels 87 cm
- 2 possibilities for wheels pressure

Comfort :

- Rapid adjustment of depth control wheels by spring pin
- Does not require any special maintenance

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Requires little power for large working widths
- Reduces the need for water by its action, which avoids hydromorphy
- Contributes to reducing soil erosion by breaking up the surface sealing crust, which encourages water penetration
- Preserves the organic composition of the soil by working on the surface at a depth of approximately 2 cm


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