Automatic guiding system

PRECICAM is an independent guidance system in the form of an interface which is coupled between the tractor and ECONET.  PRECICAM makes it possible to steer ECONET automatically in relation to the crop rows without any intervention when sowing.
PRECICAM improves working comfort, provides hoeing accuracy of up to 3 cm on either side of the row and an operating speed of up to 15 km/h.
The system is easy to couple and uncouple on the hoe, which makes it possible to couple different hoer configurations instantaneously if required.


The Chassis

- 120 x 5 mm square tube frame, entirely mechanically welded
to prevent play.
- Arecore-treated travel shaft to facilitate sliding and limit wear.
- Double linkage, Category 2/3, with chassis frame overhang reduced
by 38 cm making it possible to adapt the system to all types of hoe.
- 3 m or 3.40 m width with swivelling coulters.
- Held by tyred wheels, 10-ply Ø 550 x 175, or swivelling coulters if there
are significant slopes.


The camera

- The double optic camera makes it possible to monitor one or several crop rows, without having to make any preparation whatsoever when sowing.
- This system provides more accuracy than GPS for applications at low forward speed. Accuracy is in the order of 3 cm on each side of the row.
- Due to almost instantaneous responsiveness, the camera makes hoeing speeds of up to 15 km/h possible with a 20 cm offset on each side.
- Possible to mount the camera on the interface or as near as possible to the hoeing element to improve accuracy on slopes or tight bends.
- The camera makes it possible to work on the crop very early, as soon as the plant diameter is a minimum of 3 cm and the green colour is very apparent.



The sensors

 - The mechanical sensors are used on crops with rigid stems.
They take over from the camera when the crop is too developed to see the inter-rows.
- Two sensors come into contact with the plant stem and trigger the interface through the hydraulic system.
- It is possible to choose to mount the sensors on the guidance interface so that the system remains completely independent of the hoe, or in the case of a sloping tract of land they can be mounted on the ECONET as close as possible to the work of the tines to optimise accuracy.



















Safety :

- Overall width 3 m for greater ease of transport

Durability :

- Mechanically welded double chassis
- Wheel support, to accept heavy loads and lateral stresses

Efficiency :

- High site rate with possibility of hoeing up to 15 km/h
- Lateral drift 150 mm either side
- Stability on slopes with directional plough coulters
- Makes it possible to work on the crop very early for effective hoeing
- Camera/sensor combination for longer operating range

Comfort :

- Sensor on 3rd point for automatic system re-centring
- Hoeing accuracy without requiring extra attention from the driver
- Wheel adjustment by automatic locking pin
- No previous line to be made when sowing
- Locking and automatic centring at the end of the field

Quality :

- Control at each stage of production
- Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
- Surface treatment before painting by conversion
- Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

- Does not cause a requirement for additional power for hoeing, therefore no excessive fuel consumption
- Contributes to a reduction in plant health products used with a hoer


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