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CARRE launch a new range of rotary hoe ROTANET Control, that allow to adjust wheel pressure on the soil.

Carré, french manufacturer leader on mechanical weeding market will launch at Agritechnica 2019 a new range of rotary hoe.

This new range will complete the deep range in terms of mechanical weeding.

With new environmental norms, our customers need a wider range of tool to mechanically control weeds.

Moreover climate change brings more crust soil in some region.

Breaking this surface crust is a key issue in order to let main crop profit of a better aeration and facilitate water infiltration necessary to its growth.

Carré will offer from 2020 the new range ROTANET Control, whose patented system allow to adjust pressure of the wheel on the soil from the tractor cab.

These machines also off to users the possibility to retract manually and without tool one or several wheels.

Wheels are mounted on a welded block of 6 wheels retractable individually in order to work only in the inter-row for sensitive crops to this kind of tool or reversely only the row.

Pressure on the ground is adjustable from 18 to 29 kg.

These model scan be equipped with different options such as comb harrows to make sure that weed roots will be upside down to insure dryness, also seeder to seed a cover crop in the inter-row that will take relay after harvest to avoid having a nude soil and bring nitrogen (relay-cropping).

This new range ROTANET Control, will offer width from 4m80 to 7m, and will be presented at Agritechnica booth Hall 12 Booth C63.