An immediate result ! an immediate efficiency !

Thermiloc can be used on precision drilled crops that are able to resist thermal shocks. Plants with a multi-leaf stem and those that can start from their roots are slow in their growth. This technique can be used with soya, sunflowers, sugar beet, leaks, maize.
Thermal weeding efficiency is closely linked to the earliness with which young adventitious weeds are treated. Optimum crops resistance de- pends on their type and their growth stage. In general, the sensitivity of plants to heat is dependent on many factors: species, vegetative stage, leaf and stem thickness and degree of lignification.

The survival of weeds in thermal weeding is largely due to their ability to regenerate after treatment: also, perennials are less sensitive to heat treatment than grasses (monocotyledons).
Thermiloc permet la destruction des adventices par plasmolyse, sur le rang, permettant un résultat immédiat, quelles que soient les conditions météorologiques. This principle consit to creat a thermic shock and maintain a hot bubble, in order to submit the outside part of the plant to a sufficient temperature to get a coagulation of proteins.

This bring explosion of cellular partition and vaporization of vagetal cells A temperature of 800 to 1000°C during around 1 second in necessary Thermiloc works with propane liquid gaz, with an average consumption of 30 KG/Ha, for a speed up to 6 km/hGaz tank, coupled on tractor front linkage, has to be bought by end user


  • 3 point linkage category n°1/2 on rigid chassis and n°2/3 on folding chassis
  • Square beam chassis 120X5mm
  • Pair of stabilisator coulters Ø500mm included
  • Road light and signals included


  • 3 point linkage category n°2/3
  • mechnically welded chassis with square tube 120X5mm and 140X8mm
  • Hydraulic folding at 3.50m
  • Pair of stabilisator coulters Ø500mm included
  • Road light and signals included


For inter-rows from 35 to 80 cm
4 burners with start electrode
Work with liquid propane gaz to guarantee an efficient power flame (tank not provided) Mounted on parallelogramm for a good ground follow-up
Easy adjustment of burners position regarding the row
Accurate adjustment of burner height with screw handle