New equipment available for the XENOS HD CARRÉ

New equipment available for the XENOS HD CARRÉ

The XENOS HD disc harrow is used for shallow stubble cultivation from 5 to 15cm deep at speeds of 12 to 16km/h, allowing for intensive work and a high work rate.

This new generation has been improved by the use of high performance Hardox steel on all the frames, in order to offer semi-mounted versions in 4, 5 and 6m adapted to high power tractors.
Already consisting of several types of single rollers and always with a view to customer satisfaction, CARRÉ completes its range of rear equipment on the XENOS HD with :

  • A double U-roller Ø500mm with mechanical adjustment, which achieves an optimal consolidation of the soil. The U-profile fills up with soil during operation. This improves the grip of the whole unit and makes roller slippage almost non-existent. The extremely robust U-roller is also suitable for stony soils.
  • A double roller with flexible blades Ø520mm with mechanical adjustment that achieves a uniform packing. It is insensitive to sticking and stones during operation and is suitable for heavy and wet soils.

XENOS HD is the perfect disc cultivator for the farmer who is looking for speed, efficiency and profitability, while limiting operating and maintenance costs.

Double rouleau U

Double U roller Ø500 with mechanical adjustment

Double rouleau à lames flexibles

Double roller with flexible blades Ø520 with mechanical adjustment