Robotics at the service of agro-ecology! The first hoeing co-bot

ANATIS weeding co-bot !

ANATIS assists farmers by fully autonomously performing mechanical weeding tasks.

Thanks to its rear 3-point hitch linkage, the flexibility of this co-bot means that it can perform a variety of jobs using various tools.

The brand’s experience in mechanical weeding ensures that the machine is truly effective when performing this work. Further, our brand’s inter-row hoes and comb harrows have been adapted to optimise this work.

ANATIS is a connected agricultural co-bot that does not replace a farmer in their daily work, but rather allows them to concentrate on activities that add the most value.

CO-BOT guidance

  • Dual Trimble GPS antenna
  • Dual lens high resolution camera
  • Acts very early on, as soon as the plant reaches 3cm in diameter
  • Works in addition to GPS

Tool guide configuration

  • Sideways motion system integrated into the controlled lifting function using electric jacks
  • 300mm travel

Remote control

The remote control supplied with ANATIS was specially designed for ANATIS.

An emergency stop button is located in the centre of the remote control panel to quickly stop the co-bot even from a distance. An emergency stop system is also provided should the remote control be inclined sharply.

To allow manual movement and motion, a dead man’s switch is located on the left hand joystick.

Pictogram showing the functions of the switches and joysticks are provided to limit any operating errors.

The remote control has a control range of up to 500m.A strap is provided for carrying the remote control.


  • A 3-point Category 1 hitch linkage
  • 530mm action travel
  • 350kg lifting cpacity
  • 3 mounting positions for the bolted hitching arms
  • Accurate adjustments are possible along the last 10 centimetres of cylinder travel



  • Electric power is stored in the lithium-ion battery pack
  • Interchangeable battery packs for extending the working day
  • Simple and safe hitching system
  • The battery is protected by a full cradle and sealed to IP65 standards
  • Operating endurance of 7 hours and 30 minutes with a battery pack
  • The battery uses a Battery Management System (BMS)


  • Choice of tool configuration
  • Easy and accessible adjustment
  • 3-point hitch linkage

Spring harrow

  • Passage to the sample
  • Passage to the scoring stage
  • 3-point hitch linkage